Voices from the Vale

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By Spencer Ratcliff

When life was simple, when money was scarce, when friendship was everything and love was young.
Parents were too busy rebuilding after Hitler’s war and fathers were still counting their missing limbs, lost mates and lucky stars.

For the children of the village gang, their disciplined world of exams and chores and hard-earned pocket money is softened by the sweet-smelling playground of open fields, haystacks and ancient caves.
For them, wealth comes in the shape of kookaburras and cockatoos; of blue gum and dogwood trees, of pets, gobstoppers and gang adventures. Treasured above all else are the qualities of mateship and loyalty
It is a world where gangs are good…… with kids just being kids and having fun.
Then … Johnny goes missing.

The young Voices from the Vale cry out in shock and grief, with gang members conducting their own investigation – each allotted tasks and certain village grotesques upon whom to spy.
In the midst of it all, Sally is devastated to discover her parents plan to move to a distant country town. Supported by her friends, she runs away with boyfriend Mike to their favourite hide-out in a deserted, tumble-down convict-built hostelry.

When we walk down Gang Gang Lane we can really feel the pain,
We can still hear Johnny’s voice from yesterday.
We all loved him very deep and while we know he’s gone to sleep,
We can’t believe he won’t come out to play.

Coming soon to Smashwords in multiple eBook formats.

eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

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