Divine Daisy: A Transpersonal Tale

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By Bud McClure

Divine Daisy is the magical story of a dog whose special gift is awakened when she is kissed by a rabbit. It’s the story of a lonely boy who takes her home, the rabbits who she befriends and who share their secrets with her. It is a story of love, hope and truth told with heartbreaking honesty that does not gloss over the more difficult emotions of sadness and grief. The story is about our cosmic connection to something greater than ourselves – a world beyond logic and reason that resonates with how children see the world. Divine Daisy is an affirmation of the mystery of life and a book that will enchant children each time they read it.

The book is for people of all ages, big and small. It is a book that parents will want to read and discuss with younger children. It is a book that adults will find joy in reading themselves. Most of all it is a book to be shared with someone special. The watercolor illustrations are heartfelt and bring the story to life in a way that engages the imagination. In each image the artist has captured the essence of Divine Daisy. Like a holograph each illustration contains the whole story. Taken together story and image carry us into a transpersonal realm of universal harmony.

Transpersonal psychology is concerned with the study of peak, spiritual, and transpersonal experiences, those moments in our lives when we feel connected to something greater than ourselves. Those times are often characterized by a state of flow in which we experience an overall feeling that everything is as it should be. We are calmed in those moments and know at the deepest level of our being that we are part of a universal harmony that vibrates through each of us. Divine Daisy takes us into that flow and reinvigorates our sense of wonder at the mysteries of our life beyond the borderland of logic that captivates our imagination and speaks to our soul.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/67566.

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