Sword of the Covenant

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By Mark Andrews

After decades of suicide bombings, rocket attacks and half-hearted peace talks, Islamic militants are no closer to achieving their stated goal – a sovereign country for the Palestinian people – or their true agenda: the elimination of Israel. Now determined to destroy the Jewish nation, a coalition of Arab and Persian governments has amassed a powerful invasion force. The United States has made it clear that Israel must fight this battle on its own.

Stationed in the region are U.S. naval aviators aboard an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and Air Force pilots at a NATO base in Turkey who are evangelical Christian believers. Suddenly, the biblical admonition to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” vaults to the top of these officers’ prayer agenda.

Leaders among both sets of pilots are approached by two high-ranking Pentagon officials with a shocking request: Because the United States lacks the political will to defend Israel, they want the pilots to lead their squadrons on unauthorized airstrikes that could help save the outgunned democracy from annihilation. The urgent task before these Navy and Air Force officers is to determine whether such a rogue mission possibly could be God’s will and, if it is, how can they persuade other pilots to throw away their careers by flying with them.

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