The Secrets of the 100 Golden Keys

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By Mia Pratt

Mia Pratt’s father was a decorated World War II veteran who survived 18 months in a German prison camp before returning home as a man emotionally and physically crippled by his experience. Her mother was a kind, black-haired beauty who taught Mia the true meaning of unconditional love.

Mia’s childhood exposed her to the bitter reality of poverty, alcoholism and violence, but it also led her to explore the limits of her creativity. As an adult she enjoyed successful careers in dance, art and writing, traveling often to further her studies in the arts, philosophy, and other cultures.

After her older brother committed suicide followed by the deaths of both parents, Mia spent 4 years recovering from the grief of her losses and documenting her revolutionary discoveries about the powerful secret relationship between creativity and happiness. Her illuminating book on the subject, “The Secrets of the 100 Golden Keys,” shares her discoveries, wisdom, insights and inspirational quotes, along with personal exercises and intensive workshops to help you create your own fulfilling, passionate and happy life.

Mia is the founder of the 100 Golden Keys University Center for Creativity and Happiness, and author of several books.

Today Mia is living a happy, authentic life in the 16th-century village of Ajijic in Central Mexico with her fiance Peter, where she continues to write, paint and teach. For more information go to

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