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Providing ebook and print formatting services for self-publishers. Thousands of books designed with all files guaranteed for Smashwords Premium, Amazon KDP and IngramSpark acceptance. Services or fee-based depending on your manuscripts unique needs.

Your Single Source Guide in Global Publishing.

Goodlife guide is currently reviewing new manuscripts, All manuscripts must be final prior to submitting a request!

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Goodlife guide is a publishing service provider offering an array of solutions to assist the novice or experienced author in achieving a traditional publishing presence. We are an experienced international company providing ebook and print services with hundreds of client referrals. We are self-publishing experts with an essential network of printers, wholesalers and distributors, we are able to connect our authors to the world’s finest retailers. Goodlife guide is the service self-publishing doesn’t offer and the opportunity traditional publishing doesn’t afford.

Our team of experts at goodlife guide shares a wealth of ebook, print, design and editorial knowledge. and we are dedicated to helping make your book successful. As fellow authors, we understand your publishing needs from Kindle, Apple, Nook, paperback, and beyond, seeing your platform through to the Web and social networking performance.

Goodlife guide is the one-stop collaborator for production, design, distribution or editorial consultants. All our “fee-based, a-la-cart” and publishing package services are contract-free, royalty-free.

Your words, your rights, global partnerships, and our guidance place your book on the worlds largest platforms.

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eBook Formatting
We clean your files for conversion to accommodate digital eBook requirements, including .epub, .mobi and .doc for Smashwords, Kindle, Apple, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, Diesel, and more. As a renowned specialist in Smashwords formatting, we back our work with a “premium status” guarantee with unlimited revisions, guaranteed to get your edited book into the Smashwords premium catalog. Modifications will only be made from downloading the Smashwords .ePub file. We currently only accepts books primarily in English and only those which utilize the Roman alphabet.

Standard (Automated, Turnaround approx. 5 Business Days): $55 flat rate per eBook; includes Unlimited word count, hyperlinks (up to 100) and pagination from your file. Author provided covers are also sized to ebook standards at no additional charge. This package is for text only with TOC hyperlinks only, NO custom formatting as this is an automated package and is NOT formatted line-by-line (Title, Chapter Heads, TOC and dedication WILL be centered. Body text with bullets, centered quotes, asterisks or inset text will appear as indented paragraphs. ) Please see “Ultimate” below if you need these custom/detailed services. Smashwords .doc file only.

Ultimate (10-14 Business Days): $85 flat rate per eBook; includes all “standard” items listed above in addition to images (35 images maximum), up to 100 hyperlinks (including footnotes), chapter glyphs (swirl images), .PDF to .doc conversion, detailed formatting to include custom indentation, bullets, subheads, centered quotes. This package is ideal for How-To or reference books or any other book with additional images or exportation needs. Includes Smashwords .doc, .epub and .mobi conversion files.

Reference (15 Business Days): $135 flat rate per eBook; includes all “standard and ultimate” items listed above with up to 75 images , up to 100 footnotes (additional footnotes are $50 per 100), tables, charts or graphs and .PDF to .doc conversion, This package is ideal for reference books or any other book with additional images or requiring .PDF exportation needs. Includes Smashwords .doc, .epub and .mobi conversion files.

Post-Format Corrections
Although we do only accept final manuscripts, we understand that writing is an art form and as such, your masterpiece is never perfect. Many authors upload their files and review their files on their Kindle, nook or iPad and find… glaring errors. That’s okay! We are happy to make up to 50 line item corrections in a searchable format. (50+ we ask clients to correct their files and place a revised order with their original package). $35 USD per hour.

Cover Design
Why do books bleed? Simply put, it’s not the same red ink your editor left behind in years past. Our 20 years of experience in creative direction will collaborate with authors in designing a book cover to include front, back and spine (as needed). We will ensure all print specifications are prepared in an easy-to-use file for CreateSpace or any other print vendor’s specifications.

$85 cover modification (front cover modification, low resolution WITH image(s) provided by author).
$235 eBook cover design
(front cover, low resolution).
$285 USD print & eBook cover design
(front, back and spine, high-resolution).

View a comprehensive selection of our cover designs by clicking here!

Interior Print Design
We take your manuscript from double-spaced Courier to professional, well-designed pages. We include glyphs (decorative art at chapter breaks), pagination, font selection, header and footer, front and back matter, margins (as needed to print specifications). We design all books at 6 x 9″ (229 x 152mm) or unless otherwise specified, we can format (203 x 127mm), 5.5 x 8.5″ (216 x 140mm), 5.83 x 8.27″ (210 x 148 mm A5). $250 USD.

The most elaborate argument in the “self-publishing” debate is the idea that a traditionally published book is somehow earned through impeccable standards and a degree of grammatical perfection. Our editors have a combined experience of over 50 years and strive to assist our authors in succeeding. We understand a well-written book is a well-read book. $.008 USD per word.


eBook: Apple (distribution to iBookstores in 32 countries), Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, WH Smith in the UK and FNAC (both powered by Kobo), the Diesel eBook Store, eBooks Eros (operated by Diesel). In addition, your book will be listed with Smashwords Atom/OPDS Catalog (Reaches Major Mobile App Platforms) containing all the books for sale at, Stanza on the iPhone, and Aldiko on the Android mobile device platform. These two e-reading apps alone reach millions of readers combined. The catalog is also distributed to the Word-Player and FBReader apps, and to the Inkmesh ebook search engine.

Print: Amazon CreateSpace distribution platforms ((US), (UK)

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Goodlife guide does NOT “design” ebooks, we format ebooks to comply with distributors technical requirements. The process of formatting eBooks is a process of simplication; we must remove all your “styles” and replace them with programming that can be translated by any e-reader device. Think percentage and not pages! Your book as written in Microsoft word or other writing software is not representative of how an eBook will look. For example, a word document is 8.5×11 inches with page count. A traditional eBook is 600×800 pixels at 72 dpi and is measured in percentages as shown at the bottom of your Kindle or similar device. The reader is in control of how your book will look, unlike traditional print layout where you can choose line and page breaks plus control orphans and widows. Since the reader is able to choose the font and size they will read, all text will shift. There will often be blank pages in your .doc file and sometimes in different places on the “eReader” this is okay and follows eReader style guides.  Authors must understand there are technical constraints the largest type size is 14pt; we can only use indents without space before or after; or spaces with flush text and no indents; only italic, bold, bold italic, superscript, and underline are safely translated. All documents at goodlife guide are formatted in 12pt Times New Roman, although after conversion, your .epub and .mobi files will automatically appear in the Cambria font unless the reader changes their font preference. Don’t be afraid to stop by your retailer and review sample books on Kindle, Nook and iPad.  The more realistic your expectations are and the more simplistic your file is, the more unified the outcome will be.

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*ISBNs and Copyright
All books submitted to goodlife guide, MUST be submitted with an ISBN prior to project completion. Each book’s ISBN CANNOT be the same ISBN as a previous print edition or an eBook edition acquired by any other publisher or distributor. Self-publishers may submit a statement that a free ISBN through a service provider will be used in cases where author chooses distributor and uploads book. However, we strongly advise you research your legal rights by country as eBooks and legal rights are still a grey area, and there is no resolution as to who owns publishing rights to your book with free ISBNs. Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing your own ISBNs. In the U.S.; in the U.K; in Canada; or check with for a listing of countries. Please understand due to our global clientele, we cannot offer ISBNs to self-publishers at this time.

You may or may not choose to copyright your book through your local copyright office. However, in most countries, the ability to show earlier drafts offers you proof of rights as copyrights in most countries are set as creator “sets pen to paper”, The U.S. copyright fee is $35 should you choose to submit your works regardless. We cannot offer legal advice or be responsible for the legitimacy of your copyright or ISBN so it is important as an author that YOU know your rights.

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Please note all files will be released to the client upon full payment through PayPal; PayPal is currently our only accepted method of payment. Payment is due when files are ready, and client will be notified at that time. We do NOT send ANY files without payment. Goodlife Guide does NOT offer refunds unless we fail to meet Smashwords Premium status acceptance. We do NOT offer refunds for formatting that does not match your original design as changes often have to be made to simplify books to comply with distributors– please familiar yourself with the simplicity and fluidity of ebooks prior to ordering. In the case there are any formatting errors on the part of goodlife guide, we will continue to work with the client under all reasonable conditions and ONLY while maintaining distributor requirements, we will NOT make “design” changes that do not comply with requirements. All requests for changes MUST be submitted in a searchable format (Example: 1. The quick brawn fox. Change “brawn” to brown). Additional author changes (spelling, grammar, or items not appearing in original file WILL incur a $15 per hour fee (up to 50 line item changes).

The following formats are accepted: .doc or .docx (preferred*), .rtf, .html, .pages, .qxd and .indd. We DO accept .pdf files, however, they may incur additional fees or require a different eBook package for conversion to text. Pagemaker and Publisher files are NOT accepted. Only FINAL manuscripts are accepted (unless editing services are ordered from goodlife guide). Please do NOT submit your files until you are sure it is your final version and has been proofread, including files converted by client to .doc from .pdf to save costs; such exporting leaves hard line breaks and hyphens (these are not our responsibility to correct). Goodlife guide is not responsible for any files modified by author/client after goodlife guide has met initial project requirements. Requests for editing, spelling corrections and text modifications AFTER the document has been formatted will incur a $15 per hour fee.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at We look forward to assisting clients with all publication needs! Phone services are available for marketing and package clients only. In order to keep prices low, we do not currently offer phone assistance.

Goodlife guide, Limitation of Liability: Client agrees that it shall not hold goodlife guide or his/her agents, contractors or employees liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Goodlife guide as an author service provider or publisher and/or his/her agents, contractors or employees accept no liability for any third party disputes, particularly where ISBN and copyright of the author’s original manuscript are in question.

Dispute Resolution: Goodlife guide does NOT offer refunds, any disputes arising out of services with goodlife guide shall be submitted to PayPal’s buyer and seller protection services; all decisions made by PayPal will be considered final.

Author must accept all policy terms prior to initiation of services prior to project initiation.

Thank you for your interest in goodlife guide, contact us to get started today!