Unstuff Yourself: Finding Joy on the Road to Wellness

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By Nancie Barwick

For a large number of people, the search for wellness is a lifelong quest. There are hundreds of books and tapes full of good information about ways to engage in this search. Most of these methods contain useful and fulfilling ideas, and a few even tell the reader how to know when wellness is found. Struggle in the cause of achieving wellness is generally recommended, with changes in diet and lifestyle being required, like it or not. Little is said about the need for joy in this process.

However, if we are going to achieve true wellness, most of us need to unstuff our lives and increase the joy we experience on a daily basis. Truly well people are joyful, not in a false, out-of-control, or frenetic way but in a real, honest, and fulfilling way that is quietly easy to sustain. It is so easy precisely because it is real.

To unstuff our lives we need to remove the old tapes, false information, incorrect learning, beliefs that no longer serve us, and other bits of fluff and nonsense that currently fill our psyches and consciousness. We need to determine what we need to keep and what must go. Comfortably removing all the stuff requires readiness and preparation, so that we are able to let it go without a fight. When we are ready and fully prepared to let go of our stuff, the letting-go is a joyful experience in itself.
In some traditions and healing methodologies, the goal is to remove everything unique to that person so that the individual becomes bland and free of personal idiosyncrasies. Nothing could be further from the truth! As you remove your harmful stuff, you will be finding your true joy. That is your INDIVIDUAL joy, what really gets you happy and excited. If anything, people who are truly unstuffed and well are more who they are, more individual than ever before, and certainly more so than their friends and neighbors, who are still full of stuff and without their true joy. Your idiosyncrasies will remain as long as they bring you joy; those which do not please you, or even cause you harm, will simply fall away.

While this is really a book for you, at times it is about me. Personal stories can be great convincers. I was born with muscular dystrophy. I had that condition as a part of my experience until I was 44 years old. At that point, and with the help of a wise facilitator, I was able to remove it. I was ready to get rid of the stuff that was holding the muscular dystrophy in my body, and had thoroughly prepared to unstuff myself completely. After my experience, I decided to assist others in making these types of changes.

Now, you may not have a serious medical condition like the one I did, or maybe you do, it makes no difference. The process is the same and the results are extremely beneficial, even if there is no medical concern at this time. Often our stuff merely makes us less happy than we would otherwise be, less fulfilled or “stuck” in unhealthy patterns. Sometimes it makes us sick, and sometimes it makes us miserable. It never makes us happy or well. Once we are able to let it all go, there is room for whatever makes us truly joyful..

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