So, You Be Keon and I’ll Be Mahovlich

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By Oksanna Crawley

“The crack of a hockey puck in the stillness of a cold, Canadian night heralds the beginning of So, You Be Keon and I’ll Be Mahovlich by Oksanna Crawley. The story is about a young boy named Niall who dreams of being a hockey player but is too scared to try out for his local team. One night a mysterious stranger named Bill joins him on the small outdoor rink where Niall is practising and encourages the boy to play with all his heart and to follow his dreams. Young Niall, who has no father to guide him, is inspired by Bill and decides to try out for the Timmins Wolves. He makes the team but the start of the season does not go well. Bill is there to encourage him, “There will always be great skaters and big shooters, but the team with the most heart will be the truly great team. Never, never quit, kid.”…It (the book) is inspired by an historical figure named Bill Barilko, a hockey player who helped his team win the Stanley Cup in 1951 and then disappeared four months later in a plane crash…Crawley has woven the facts of Barilko’s life into the fictional story of young Niall.” – ForeWord Clarion Review

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