Become a Sports Trading Arbitrage Pro

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By John P Morrison and Frank Cooper

Amazon Bestselling Author and Pro Gambling Champ John P Morrison Sports Betting Series Become a Sports Trading Arbitrage Pro

For some time now, a few individuals have been taking advantage of little known anomalies in the global sports betting markets in order to make guaranteed risk free profits at the expense of the bookmakers. These individuals are Sports Arbitrage Traders also known as sure betting, scalping and most descriptively as risk free betting.

When we look at sports arbitrage investing with regard to sports there are many ways to assure profit. John P Morrsion teams up with sports arbitrage trading pro Frank Cooper whos been making a full time income from sports arbing for the past decade to bring you a book to assist you with everything you need to know. Crystal clear examples and easy to understand definitions learn

How do you avoid your account be limited by bookmakers
How to make a full-time income in sports trading
The best way to calculate two way stakes
The two best sports to find Arbs
7 common mistakes
Software and research
Investment levels
And so much more in the most detailed up to date book on sports arbitrage trading.

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