Till Human Voices Wake Us

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by Alan Moorer

In this mystery, romance and adventure novel, Charlie Baugh, a young anthropologist, is not only becoming deeply involved in his new research project on “Voodoo in the American South,” but also in an intense affair with a brilliant graduate student named Cashy (Casheila) Epstein. Though he tries to keep his study from Cashy, mysterious events seem to draw her into that world with him. From the opening scene in rural Mississippi where an black power doctor’s vision reveals Charlie and Cashy to be the dancers needed by his community to restore contact with the Loi (the gods of Voodoo); to the scenes where Charlie defends his study to Cashy, his academic colleagues and friends, and Homer Egypt—his famous and delightfully weird artist friend; to the scene where Charlie and Cashy become possessed by Voodoo spirits, the story brims with spooky, heart-pounding suspense and mystery; laugh-out-loud comedy and one of the best love stories in years. This is not a horror story. This book addresses important ideas, is chock full of wonderful characters and is shamelessly out to reestablish important social, emotional, intellectual, sexual and spiritual connections—connections corroded by the greed, speed, and manipulated need of our times. This book cuts deep. It will provoke and excite you, make you laugh and cry, infuriate and delight you, arouse you–move you. It’s a sleep stealer.

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