I’m Prohibited

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by Hanz M. Medina

This non-fiction book follows three different real life stories that are taken and fused into one main character, named Syd. It tells the story of mental torture, domestic child abuse, sheer neglect, unexpected death and violent rape. All the stories and situations are true.

Medina kept a secret diary as a young child and teen that he re-read, and nightmarishly re-lived, later in his late teens and early manhood. This journal cried out with a plethora of self-reflections, poetry, drawings, and his innermost thoughts. He had written about his daily life, and later, about his two friends he met and their trials and tribulations. While re-reading the journal, he felt compelled to deliver a meaningful message that would raise awareness about the abused and neglected.

I’m Prohibited tells the tale of main character Syd and his family. Delving into how his multi-cultural parents first met, the book tells the story of their life together then merges into how Syd was born and raised from his point of view as a child. It shows him encountering a mentally-ill and violent mother and her abuse and neglect, as well as the merciless rape he endured as a child when he then went on to being a slave to other’s sexual pleasures. It also sheds light on his relationship with a father who loved him, but wasn’t always present, and a grandfather that was the light in his dark world.
I’m Prohibited, which might be considered a controversial publication based on its violence and taboo subject matter, was recently released to create awareness for the abused and neglected. With many people committing suicide from coping with daily abuse, neglect, bullying and not being able to deal with the repercussions of such, this e-book gives them a voice. It’s for the modern world so that they may open their eyes and be educated about the truths of these inflictions that occur in some families.

Many sample readers of I’m Prohibited anonymously emailed the author about how brave he was to have written the book about himself and two other friends, one of whom has unfortunately committed suicide and the other who is under counseling care and medications.

I’m Prohibited has been re-written countless times over a course of five years. Medina is writing a follow-up title to I’m Prohibited which will be more explicit, bolder and even more controversial than his debut e-book. Medina feels it must be told this way, in order to create the awareness about the atrocities.
Medina hopes to raise awareness for the abused and neglected with his books. He plans to raise some funds for his selected charities throughout his life, in his own time and accord, from book releases to give hope to those who endure abuse, neglect, and rape. He also hopes to have his first two books be made into a movie to create a better sense of awareness.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/91153.

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