The Patsy

goodlife guide

by Bert Silva

“I congratulate you for conceiving of this plot–a sort I’m particularly fond of–the innocent man assailed by mysterious forces.” So said mystery author, Leonard Tourney.
A casual stop at a tavern leads to trouble–the fatal injury of the wayward, spoiled son of a powerful and vengeful person. Jackson Mize is set up, after his release from prison. Partly through the careless remark of a promiscuous ex-wife, Mize will be forced into becoming the perfect scapegoat in a murder. This has been arranged by a ruthless foreigner desperate to protect his corrupt empire. Doing the tycoon’s bidding are three stone killers watching over their fall guy. Mize realizes he stands a good chance of being returned to prison, or getting himself killed in this scheme. And there are others involved who need his help. Also working against him are the police, who would love to revoke Mize’s parole and send him back behind the walls.

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