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by Doug Green

In this ebook on Successful Lavender Growing, award winning garden author Doug Green tells you how to succeed with growing this most-fragrant of perennial flowers. From his years of collecting and growing lavender in USDA zone 4 and container gardening with them, he’s passing along the tips and hints that were hard-earned in his cold climate. For example, you’ll learn how to properly prune it to keep it alive and looking good for years getting a longer lifespan than the average commercial grower. You’ll also learn the best soils for this plant and which will kill it almost every winter. From planting to growing in the ground as well as the secrets of a container gardener (he grew almost all his lavender plants in containers just to prove it could be done), this ebook will give you all the things you need to succeed with growing lavender.

Doug shows you how tough the plant can be if grown properly and how to get your own free plants (there’s a professional trick here as well that’s not often written about online) from seed or cuttings. While you might think feeding a perennial is easy, make a mistake with this plant and you’ll have a dead lavender on your hands – here’s how to do it right, the easy way. And just when you couldn’t make up your mind about which one of the many varieties to grow, Doug passes along his recommendations on the most-popular 28 varieties on the market.

Container gardening with lavender isn’t hard but again, there are much different rules for growing lavender in containers than in the ground and this ebook describes how to succeed with container gardening and how to overwinter those containers. Doug also passes along hard-earned lessons about feeding his lavender in containers; information you won’t find elsewhere on the Net. And finally, here are the tried and true easy ways of drying lavender for home use.

From starting, growing and creating massive harvests to harvest, this ebook walks you through the things you need to do in order to take your lavender gardening to the next level.

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