The Corruption of Michael Levitt

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by Joel Levine

“The Corruption of Michael Levitt” is a rollicking ride through life seen through the eyes of Michael Levitt–Harvard Law School graduate and survivor of his Long Island childhood.

It’s a story of a bright but naïve guy who, while trying to make it in this world is, with the best of intentions, gradually corrupted by the universe in which he exists.

As Michael moves from the high pressure life of an associate in a prestigious New York law firm to the uncharted playground of Miami, the reader is caught up in Michael’s personal and professional fast times. Readers will follow Michael through the maze that becomes his life—underworld business dealings, sex, drugs, friends and enemies, and ultimately murder- enjoying his perceptive, often hilarious view of his own situation.

Michael Levitt’s universe is populated by flawed characters and aberrant behavior. The novel is a great read for anyone who just started out anywhere…For anyone who is a lawyer or knows, likes or hates lawyers… Anyone who wants to lose themselves in a decade long saga of hope, ambition, angst, sex, friendship and betrayal…For those who appreciate complex schemes and scams and enjoy laughing at the strangest circumstances…For People who enjoy an intelligent, entertaining and engrossing read and want a book they can’t put down.

The story, while totally unique, feels something like a John Grisham/Woody Allen Odyssey.

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2 thoughts on “The Corruption of Michael Levitt

  1. Awesome. Just downloaded the book and can’t put it down. Can’t tell if Michael Levitt is a true anti-hero or true hero, but can someone be both at the same time?

  2. You know that feeling you get when you watch American Idol—watching someone with (or without) talent trying to make it? Well, that’s the feeling I got reading The Corruption of Michael Levitt—a guy like all of us trying to make it despite all the obstacles the world places in front of him. I can identify.

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