Red Monkeys

goodlife guide

by Doug Bradshaw

When a once proud and honorable man, who has been reduced to an appalling and pathetic existence, witnesses an act of violence, the warrior within is re-ignited… And all Hell breaks lose.

Part “Sin City,” part “Taxi Driver,” part God knows what… “Red Monkeys” (a 32,000 word, VERY gritty novella) puts a bag over your head and drags you into the seediest of urban underbellies.

Through a shocking 1st person narrative, we are launched into the sick world of a broken, desperately alcoholic, degenerate anti-hero. His existence is a drunken, fragmented, roller coaster of humiliation that gives new meaning to “hitting rock bottom.”

Haunted by his tragic past, and teetering on the edge of oblivion, he literally “stumbles” upon an event that will change his life forever. Tapping into something long dead within his soul, his heroic nature is resurrected. His surprising metamorphosis brings him face to face with the absolute scum of the Earth. Unfortunately for them, they stand in the way of: The Mission.

Tirelessly driven by his burning need for Justice and Redemption, he transforms into a cold-blooded vigilante. But is he Savior or Monster, or both?

This is the story of the darkest of flawed heroes. His surprising moral conscience compasses him through a depraved world on a disturbing, gripping, gut-wrenching journey. Will it end with his salvation, his death, or both?

*WARNING: Extremely graphic and disturbing imagery. If you’re not sure you want to go there- Please, don’t even read the first sentence. Seriously.

But for those that can stomach it, it’s a helluva ride that you’ll never forget.

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