The Buccaneer of Nemaris

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By J.D. Delzer

We found the islands hospitable… our prison was a paradise.
Terrance K. Scyhathen
C.S. Nemaris 1596

A tragic tale of a father and a mysterious chain of islands becomes an adventure of swordplay and magic. When a young boy named Thomas seeks the truth behind the disappearance of his father and the truth of his absence, he joins a cargo crew to sail the seas that his father once explored. During the voyage, he and the crew accidentally discovers a secret treasure map that leads to the trove of a master sorcerer. This very treasure is also the target of a vile and ruthless pirate. Later in the voyage, a terrible storm finds the boy’s crew upon the same islands of the sorcerer, the forbidden Nemaris Islands, and maroons them… while the pirate’s vengeance builds on his approach. To make matters worse, a demon may be inhabiting the islands…!
With the aid of a few mythical inhabitants and the crew’s wits, a chance to escape becomes a fight for their own existence. The past encounters of the Nemaris befall the crew of the Valiant and history begins to repeat itself. Is Thomas’ father alive and here? Is the treasure for real? Or will they even be able to escape with their lives?
As the fate of the Buccaneer of Nemaris begins to befall the Valiant, only their luck and skill will save them from the forces of greed and ambition.

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