Lucifer: A Personal History

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By Helen Lashbrook

There was a falling out in Heaven.
As far as God is concerned there was a rebellion against his rule and he cannot forgive that.
Imagine the sight…..
Thousands and thousands of angels troop out of the Pearly Gates one by one.
As they leave each one hands their halo to Saint Peter, Guardian of the Gates of Heaven, who checks each one off on a list in his hand.
At last they are all filed out of the gates; which shut with a slam behind them.
One by one the angels let their wings spread and catch the updraft. The sky is filled with hosts of hovering angels. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. The weather has failed to match the drama of the moment.
One by one they leave what has been their only home, through all time, behind them falling down towards a new home, especially created for them.
The angels fall and as they lose altitude the colour of their wings slowly changes from a snowy pearlised white. By the time the multitude arrives in Hell the wings are now soot black, shining with a blue-purple petrol sheen.
Shock is spread throughout the fallen band. They are no longer of the elect. No more heaven.
But of course there is always a silver lining. No more ambrosia! Never again!
Now they have a new beginning; the chance to make Hell so very different from heaven.
The Fall.
And with the Fallen…..
There is another creation – the Prince of Darkness.
Lucifer, who will reign in Hell rather than serve in heaven.
The Prince of Darkness is handsome, powerful and rich beyond any dreams of avarice. Who could ask for a more talented lover?
Yet the Prince of Darkness has the emotional savoir faire of an acne-riddled adolescent.
An affair with Him is fraught with peril.
And Lucifer just smiles darkly and says nothing.
He never forgives and while vengeance may take millennia, it will come.

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