Battle at Prostate Ridge

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By Hobey Vance

Battle at Prostate Ridge is the story of one man’s battle with prostate cancer and the complications associated with prostate surgery. Prostate cancer affects over 250,000 men every year yet there is no first hand account describing the details of a prostatectomy, until now. The book is frank, to the point, humorous and deals directly with issues surrounding prostate cancer most men are afraid to ask or are unaware of. Incontinence and impotence are far and away the most relevent concerns of men facing prostate cancer and this book deals with these problems in a no-nonsense manner that men will relate to and appreciate.

Battle at Prostate Ridge is designed to give a personal perspective of prostate cancer and to help in the decision making process for those men facing high PSA levels or diagnosed with prostate cancer.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at

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