Redwine Hill: The Secrets At Primevil Asylum

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By LL Stolmeier

This book is Delirium meets Enclave. Redwine Hill: The Secrets At Primevil Asylum creates a dystopian universe of lost souls that young adults and older readers will enjoy. The idea behind the book is simple yet incredibly original and successful. On their sixteen birthday practically every single teenagaer succumbs to a damaged brain and goes insane. It is a dangerous world when you are sixteen and being stalked by collectors. Charlotte C. Carrion is one such youth. This tough young woman does her best to aviod being caught, but soon is ensnared and sent to Redwine Hill to join her peers in a batle for survival. Readers will follow the story of parentless Charlotte who is taken to the infamous ‘Primevil’ asylum, the worst of the worst, where she befriends Serenity and Jared, the guard. This asylum offers nothing but abuse, pain and danger. Teens are dying at ‘Primevil’ and Charlotte stumbles onto the reason why. Serenity vanishes and Charlotte is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, no matter how dangerous that might prove to be. The teenagae charaacters, unlike the adults we meet who are mostly unattractive and untrustworthy, are appealing and show great resourcefulness and resilience in their struggles in the bottomless pit of anguish they inhabit. But it is not all bad at ‘Primevil’. Alongside the repression distrust and corruption are loyalty, friendship and love. Excerpts from Readers Favorite Reviews.

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