Child Shield: Mastery of Character Traits from Childhood

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By Peter Kalyabe

This is an exploration of all the wealthiest character traits every parent would love to see developed in their children.
The world may be changing fast for anyone to keep up but actually not everything in life changes. The truth of the matter is that the unchanging things are not things. They are natural attributes to every child. They are the character traits that can be developed to preferred level. They may include Curiosity, Imagination, Courage, Communication, Leadership abilities among others.
“Child Shield” is a book where they’ve all been examined and shown exactly how they can be instilled in young children right from the young age. These traits when applied will guide your child in the attainment of all the objectives they may set out to achieve in their lifetime. They may range from Social, Academic and Economic spheres of life.
Preparation is the hallmark of all great attainment, including in parenting. This is to the triumphant providence to you and your child.

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