A Game of Cat and Mouse (Jane Hetherington’s Adventures in Detection: 3)

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By Nina Jon

Jane’s faced with an eclectic set of cases this month and the hardest yet to crack.
One sister calls on another – there’s something she needs to talk about. Is it to explain where she’s come by all the money she’s suddenly spending? Minutes later she’s gone again, without a word of explanation. Can Jane discover what’s going on? Well of course she can – but it won’t be easy.
Someone Jane thought she’d never see again returns to Failsham.
She’s asked to trace a long-absent father by the son he abandoned as a child. It’s a frustrating search as her quarry remains cunningly elusive to the last. With false trails and dead ends it takes all Jane’s ingenuity and brainpower to pick up the thirty-year-old trail. But will it lead to her prey and what will happen if it does?
We move back in time to the Case of the Disappearing Cabbages (and Cauliflowers) and back to the modern day again to unearth a fraudster. Jane isn’t the only one looking for this culprit, and so she needs to solve this one quickly. There really is no time to lose.
In the midst of all this, Jane enjoys another get-together with her first love, the poet Stanley Marshman, or Stanman as he is always known. Over dinner, Stan and the reader learn more of the events which have shaped Jane and made her the woman she is.
Someone’s been reconsidering his priorities in life. He needs to make amends at home. He also needs to earn money fast. But how to do both? A sandwich board and an open mind – that’s how!
Jane experiments with increasingly unorthodox pest control – setting her in good stead when she encounters an unorthodox pest.
Jane attends the funeral of someone she’s glad she met, but gladder still she didn’t know better than she did. The Easter month draws to a close with the gift of an unusual Easter egg.

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