Memoirs of a Woman Scorned

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By Juanita Price

A broken heart knows no race, creed, color, religion, economic status or otherwise. Having counseled and/or met a melting pot of women, ranging from the stay-at-home mom to the entrepreneur, Christian Evangelist Juanita Price has found that in spite of the many things that make women different from one another, there is one common bond they/we share. That is the desire to be loved, respected, happy and to have healthy relationships. But that is not all. Women also share some of the same kinds of relationship choices.

At one time or another, we have all been the other woman, the abused woman, the jilted woman, the user-friendly woman, or the woman who simply loved long, wrong, hard and has misplaced her trust.

We have all at some point tolerated our unfair share of jerks, gigolos, bullies and hormonal nightmares much longer than we should have. We have held our share of secrets and pretended not to see the painfully obvious truth about our relationships for fear of rejection and loneliness. So, we settled and learned to live with regrets.

So, why is that? Memoirs of a Woman Scorned will shed light on some of these issues and give her the footing she needs to move towards emotional and relational health.

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