Is It 5 Yet? – From Worker to Owner

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By Secret Entourage

We all have heard that time is more precious than money but yet it’s so hard to separate ourselves from the idea of constantly chasing money. Before Successful Entrepreneurs became who they are today, they certainly had to work for others and just like you had to find TIME to differentiate themselves from those around them who continued to wonder when 5 O’clock would come.

Is It 5 Yet? From Worker to Owner Transitioning from stability to uncertainty is not easy and a road that many never travel as a result of their fears. Is It 5 Yet is aimed to help you undertake that journey that many fear to start and allows you to overcome the initial fears that take over your mind but more importantly teaches you from the experiences of other entrepreneurs ways you can minimize this risk and make the transition smooth and successful.

You’ll learn of ways you can work elsewhere and on your projects all at once, you’ll learn ways to identify when the right time to quit is and also understand what to consider “REAL Traction” before throwing everything else you built away.

More importantly, this book will teach you the real difference between saying “is it 5 yet?” and ” I cant believe its 5 already” which ultimately will enable you to understand how successful entrepreneurs have transitioned from working for others to working for themselves.

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