Give Your Child the Gift of Reading

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By Cheryl Hill


Give Your Child the Gift of Reading is a tool kit, “How-To”, book for teaching English reading that is explained in exact details in a simplistic manner so that homeschoolers, parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians, reading specialists, English as Second Language/Bilingual Teacher Specialists, other literacy professionals, tutors, and anyone engaging with children to impact their lives for the better will hold the key to English literacy in this one book!

Considering the decline of the United States of America’s children’s reading scores and its extended effect in impacting all other subject area learning’s scores comparative with children of other countries, the time has come that all hands are needed on deck to know how to empower children’s reading.

This is the book that will enable those who seek to better children’s lives to thus, produce competent literacy learners in “really teaching children to read” through a gradual progression of practice activities fundamental to a basic scratch recipe to get children reading effectively in an efficient, practical manner.

Reading practice activities in this book are as follows: practice learning English alphabet- letter sounds matched to English picture words; practice blending English letter sounds into words; practice reading sentences; practice reading stories; and practice writing about what has been read in the format of letters to book characters which solidifies reading fluency and comprehension.

Inclusion of the opportunity to infuse both the practice of reading and writing through letter writing to book characters gives a simultaneously nudge for children to internalize a combination of literacy skills benefiting from authentic learning flowing from reading and providing a perfect interlink to literacy learning in all genres and/or subject areas.

As a result, children are nudged to think critically about what is read and learned. Also, enhanced thinking and reading comprehension and increased, detailed elaborative writing skills are gleaned from writings modeled in great books that children are expected to read by great authors.

Lastly, in this book, is included a listing of Children’s Literature of Suggested Book Titles based upon interest; age appropriateness; reading range of reading competence of the Reader; and, inclusion are variety of genres for reading widely in fiction and nonfiction because all learning flows from reading!

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