Broke On Another Level

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By Secret Entourage

Broke on Another Level (BOAL) is the sequel to our best selling ebook STAY POOR. As you master all the principles and mindset traits you need to succeed, you will need to learn how to take control of your mind when it comes to acting around money and ensuring that you leverage all of the financial tools and loopholes you can find in order to succeed.

BOAL helps you understand the true distinction of your needs and wants and enables you to find a balance to a healthier wallet. Understanding how to leverage credit and how to make smart purchasing decisions are just a few of the things this book will open your eyes to. If you ever wondered why random events occur that cause you to not be able to save every time you decide to or why your bank account doesn’t grow even though you make more money year after year then you’ll be glad to learn that there is a cure and a way to overcome those challenges as well as the never ending credit card debt.

Take control of your financial picture and understand how to be in full control of your spending or face the fact that you might just end up Broke on Another Level.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at .

Print and eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

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