Brazilian Elevator Tales

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By Virginia Geddes

This collection of 14 short stories called “Brazilian Elevator Tales” extend a humorous treatment to the daily situations that a lowly elevator operator experiences in São Paulo Brazil. Each operator’s character is different , as are his understanding, hopes and goals. In “The Great Pie Mystery” Jefferson tries to decipher what “distibution of wealth” means. In “The Flat” Marleide exists in her soap opera world, ignoring the real drama around her. In “Decibal Point” Mara takes pity on a man who must pay extraordinarily high taxes on a ten-year-old government debt of one cent. Jango tells his elevator operator cousin TIco about a devilish deal is his hometown. Esperto envisions climbing the political ladder or the back of a patron Senator.In “The Congress” Gabriel congratulates himself on his job ferrying God-fearing Senators up and down. “Divaldo in the Palace of the Martyrs” involves Divaldo in a drastic change of his point of view. “Dancing Carimbó” takes place during a protect march that an elevator operator witnesses. “The People Versus Detran” shows Marcia almost losing it when she tries to relicense her car. These elevator operators are common people like people everyone knows.

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goodlife guide

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