Borders Crossing

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By Archie J. Borders

The United States as we know it is over. This is the story of one family’s incredible journey “north” after a devastating EMP attack. Faced with running a gauntlet of a cruel Midwestern winter, cannibalism and lawlessness at every turn, Borders Crossing is an uplifting tale of survival, family and friendship that will keep you turning the pages until the very end.
What if a catastrophic disaster destroyed the nation’s electrical infrastructure? Would survivors band together to help one another or resort to lawlessness? That scenario is played out in a new novel, “Borders Crossing” by Archie Borders. Early in the story, the author describes an electromagnetic pulse attack and its effects on the Borders family, who live in northwest Ohio. The action follows a family forced out of their home because it no longer can protect them after widespread devastation. There are no resources left. There’s no electricity and no food. Without law enforcement, people have resorted to robbing and killing to survive. With wildlife decimated, survivors are turning to cannibalism. The family decides to take their chances living in the woods where the threat of human violence is lower. “They try to separate themselves from the rest of society by going out in the wild and trying to live out there. It’s a hard, cold winter,” Archie says. Based on his knowledge of northern Ohio and southern Michigan, Archie did additional research on the sites mentioned in the book. As the travelers make their way on foot, they decide to head north and cross into Canada in hopes that country has not been hit as hard.

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