Wise Men and Other Stories

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By Mike O’Mary

“Wise Men and Other Stories: Lessons from the Holidays on Santa, God, Heaven, Death and More Fun Stuff from Someone Who Still Has a Lot to Learn” is a collection of holiday-related essays that blend humor and poignancy in the tradition of Robert Fulghum, Dave Barry, Bill Bryson, P.J. O’Rourke and other great American humorists.

“This collection started with ‘Wise Men,’” says O’Mary. “It was a story from my childhood about a poor kid from my old neighborhood and the lesson I learned when we were both cast as wise men in the school play.” That story was published in newspapers across the nation and broadcast on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” program, and so began a tradition of holiday essays from Mike O’Mary.

Over the years, the essays in this collection were read as part of “Morning Edition” on Northern Illinois Public Radio, and published in the Sunday magazines of the Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Baltimore Sun, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Detroit Free Press and elsewhere. Along the way, O’Mary developed a cult following for his holiday stories.

“O’Mary has a gift for simple, frank exposition of life’s most poignant moments,” says author Stephen Parrish (The Tavernier Stones). In Wise Men and Other Stories, O’Mary shares that gift with all of us. Enjoy this priceless collection of humorous and thoughtful stories this holiday season — and for many holidays to come.

Praise for “Wise Men and Other Stories”

“This collection is a treasure. O’Mary writes poignantly about making ice cream out of snow, his sister being placed in an orphanage, and competing against the national Scrabble champion. The outstanding pieces are about a school play, and a moving story about a Christmas drive with his daughter.” –Stephen Parrish, The Tavernier Stones

“Poignant, perceptive and powerful. Charming and touching stories full of personal insights.” Peggy A., Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

“Simple yet elegant…moving without being saccharine.” Guybrarian

“Honest, thoughtful, and sometimes hilarious reflections and memories that gently invite the reader to be mindful of themselves and other people.” The Sociable Hermit

“Perfect at Christmas or any time. Essays that will make you laugh, make you think, make you glad to be human.” Julie Rember, ed., Saying Goodbye to the People, Places, and Things in Our Lives


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