Zen and the Secret of Playing Golf with Your Ears

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By Lowell Smith

ou will share the author’s unexpected discovery of a unique technique for allowing your subconscious mind to control your golf swing.

“sometimes I close my eyes to heer my pupils better. Ye might try it yourself sometimes, just listen’ to yer foursome as it ‘twere a piece o’ music”- Shivas Irons

A must-have book for anyone who delights in the mystery, spirit, and personal challenges of golf.

Ever feel like quitting golf? (be honest)

In this highly entertaining book the author shares his personal mid-life golfing crisis. He chronicles the emotional frustrations and disappointments of losing his once proud skills. His determined campaign to become a born-again gamer will inspire golfers of all ages.
His quest for understanding and personal enlightenment leads him to the enduring insights of Shivas Irons, the legendary Scottish teaching pro from the Links of Burningbush, immortalized in author Michael Murphy’s classic tale of Golf in the Kingdom.

” The human mind, once stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

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