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By Richie Achukwu

You don’t need anybody’s permission to succeed. In fact, you will have to take your success: you will need to be a pioneer and without anyone’s permission, go where others don’t want to go and show them the way. Don’t wait for anybody to give you the permission to think, believe, see or do things like an expert or a guru.
There are only two permissions you need, the first one is that of God, and He already is telling you to go into the world and succeed. How do I know? His word says, “I am with you always”; “I will never leave you or forsake you”; and “Occupy until I return”. Those are profound words that show that you are not alone in your success walk, and that your success permit has been approved by the same Person who will help you. The second permission is from you. Until you permit yourself to succeed, no matter who supports you, your attitude will sabotage all your best efforts. I got a boost when I read this excerpt from A Return To Love, a book by motivational speaker and author Marianne Williamson:

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goodlife guide

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