Resilience of a Dream Catcher: A Spiritual Memoir

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By Pascal Baute

Starting as a “lost boy” who ran away from home three times by the time he was twelve, Paschal began dreaming aided by one singular teacher. His life as a dream-catcher eventually spanned these careers: athlete, U. S. Army private, boxing champion, Benedictine monk, sports coach, Catholic priest, Navy Chaplain, pastoral psychologist, family therapist, human resource consultant, community activist, and Spellbinder storyteller, mostly in that order. He discovered in midlife his most important roles: husband, lover, father, grandfather and most recently great grandfather. He shares his life of facing many odds with brutal honesty, discovering resilience inch by inch. Having served with all four branches of the U. S. Military, Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, he writes this memoir for his veteran brothers, using each chapter of his life as an introduction to a discussion of surviving and thriving, no matter the challenge met and engaged.
Although written primary as a blind veteran for his retired and active brothers and sisters in uniform, early reviewers believe his story has meaning for the general population. He brings a reflective practice of the meaning of spirituality and wellness into his life and meditations. A discussion guide for developing resilience follows each chapter, intended for both personal reflection and group discussion.

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