What Makes a Court Supreme

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By Daniel J OHern

Former Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court Daniel O’Hern provides an insider’s view about the secretive deliberations of his time on the New Jersey Supreme Court when it dealt with such monumental cases as Baby M. Harvard Professor, Laurence Tribe called the Court the Greatest Court in Land during Justice O’Hern’s tenure. It is the Brethren of its day for one of the great State Supreme Court’s in this history of the United States. It is a sharply written, intellectual, insightful, but also very witty and funny. An enjoyable and easy read for those who enjoy reading about the inner workings of a Supreme Court. Justice O’Hern served on the Court from 1981-2000. He was a Harvard Law School Graduate, who was a law clerk to Associate Justice William J. Brennan of the United States Supreme Court. He passed away in April of 2009.

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goodlife guide

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