The Protector: The Outerworld Key (Volume 1)

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By Mark Mathews

Legends tell of how the great god Gon instructed his seven children to each create a race pleasing to them. They did this gladly, yet one in particular sulked at his brethren’s work and his father’s wishes. For spite, Baris created horrible demons to oppose the beauty of the world and its new peoples.
Once the treachery of Baris was discovered, Gon cast both the abominations and his now deposed son into the Outerworld. There they imprisoned and sealed by magical gate and key, which were then hidden from all knowledge.
Barrett, the sorceress Letha and their companions now follow the trail of the key, seeking to gain its control before it falls into evil hands. Meanwhile, the malicious enchantress Basath also pursues the treasure in hopes of releasing unspeakable abhorrent beings upon the world while having the evil god Baris bestow demi-god powers upon her as reward .

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goodlife guide

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