The Spiral of Passion

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By Steven Green

In this romantic novel of desire and despair, the reader is taken on a powerful emotional journey. The burning desire and deep frustrations of the two main characters are shared with compassion and sensitivity. When bold risks are taken, their intense encounters come burning off the pages. The conclusion is rendered in painful human terms. The reader won’t be able to determine any simple right or wrong in this complex novel. But the humanity of all the characters evokes strong reactions. The secondary characters are also well defined and add depth to the overall perspective. We are left with many haunting questions. Are we in a time of cultural transition, which is revealed in marital and extramarital dynamics? Should we acknowledge new stages in human development as we live longer and healthier? Whether you want the stimulation of an erotic novel or a provocative challenge to conventional morality, whether you enjoy deep personality studies or rousing romantic interludes, this novel will be satisfying.

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