“Cornucopia of Cash” How to Profit from the Billion Dollar Credit Card Processing Business

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By James Darle Jones

If there were a lucrative opportunity that allowed you to be your own boss, make income in the six-figure range, work flexible hours, and required very little money up front, would you be interested? That is the question James Darle Jones asks in his groundbreaking how-to business guide for owning and operating a credit/debit card processing sales business. Detailing the perfect business for entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity to change their lives and earn a piece of the American Dream, Cornucopia of Cash: How to Profit from the Billion Dollar Credit Card Processing Business will start you on your way to a lucrative business whose only limit is that of your imagination.
When you go to your local auto mechanic and offer them a credit or debit card for payment what happens? Well they take your card, swipe it through the terminal, then they will turn it over to view the signature strip, ask you to sign a receipt, match the signatures and assuming they match you go on your happy way.
If the signatures don’t match, the merchant has the option to ask you for ID. When they swiped your card for payment, the information was sent at the speed of light though the card-issuing bank and the merchant-acquiring bank networks and then back to the merchant where the receipt prints for your signature. At the end of the day when the merchant batches out the money is finally on its way to the merchant’s bank account. The fees for the transaction are either taken on the fly or deducted at the end of the month, which is the preferred method of most merchants. The money will then be directly deposited into the merchant’s bank account in as little as one business day or as long as two or three.
At the end of the month where does all the money go? The lion’s share obviously goes to the merchant. The biggest portion of the merchant cost goes to “interchange” which is the main cost before the markup. Interchange goes to the card company of the card that was swiped. That’s right, folks: Credit card companies get you coming and going. They’re making money on the merchants who accept the card and they’re making money on the cardholder. How about that for a business model! But wait, there’s more. Most of the markup goes to the processor, the independent sales organization (ISO) or even the merchant level sales rep (MLS), and, believe it or not, for the most part, the card brands make the smallest portion of the pie although they take a bite of every piece!
So, you ask yourself, how can I cut myself in on all of this coinage? Author James Darle Jones reveals the truth behind this lucrative business and shows you all you need to know to turn his knowledge into cash.
Jones starts by teaching how the credit card and payment processing business works. From what happens when you present your card for payment to the types of equipment used, you will understand the process from A to Z. He then gives you the knowledge you need to go out and sell payment processing and start making money fast—even going so far as to include a business plan to get you started. You supply the hard work and dedication, and he will do the rest! Using the same method Jones used to create his own successful business, you will learn such essential secrets and tools as:
How to find new businesses before the other guy, How to approach banks for partnerships, Why hi-risk is your ticket to residual bliss, The most important part of a bancard contract, Why leasing is still an important part of your revenue equation, The incredible income opportunity presented by cash advance, Why the natural conclusion to your sales presentation is buying from you, How B2B businesses can add credit card processing to their suite of products and add hundreds of thousands or even millions to their bottom line, The truth is, the hardest part of Jones’ business model is not making a sale—it’s putting in forty hours each and every week of your own volition.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/181644.

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