The Real Truth Behind People United for Christ

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By Crystal Sanchez

Open your mind, your spirit, and your heart to be enlightened to the untold story of the “Real truth behind People United for Christ”. Allow me to share my personal experience with you about Peter Popoff a self-proclaimed prophet and faith healer; exposing company secrets and intimate details about actual day to day events of how his staff values their beloved employees and more importantly “faithful partners”! Popoff has been questioned for years; through his countless “Handwritten” letters that request donations to allegedly perform miracles, relieve super natural debt, and promise spiritual healing and blessing in return! Over the course of one year working at People United for Christ, I learned why numerous claims and allegations have been made about this false prophet! Take a walk through the company warehouse doors with me and allow me to disclose what role PUFC plays as a “Ministry,” how they operate as a “Business,” and what role Peter, his wife Elizabeth, daughter Amy, and son Nick play in the lives of their faithful partners.

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