Messages from the Sun: Encounters in Elsewhen

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By Tom Henighan

These stories transport the reader to worlds touched by strangeness but occupied by people very much like ourselves.

“Snared by the fine silk sheets of those Parisian and Swiss hotels, he enjoyed a succession of female bodies that became springboards carrying him into the cold, fiery regions of intimate space. There he could spin on a wheel of pleasure, always circling around a face that the final climax was destined to obliterate forever.” (From “Massenet”)

“Harris is simple: his memory is DiMaggio. He acquired a set of ancient baseball cards and began to study them. Then one day he walked down the ramp and landed on the other world, found himself in the bleachers, at the old Yankee Stadium. It’s a legend, that place . . . And as part of the legend there was Joltin’ Joe, a tall, casual figure in pinstripes. He was patrolling the outfield just twenty-five or thirty yards away from where Greg was sitting. You should have heard my friend tell about it.” (From “Dream Planets”)

As the Toronto Star noted: “Henighan writes with wit, intensity and stylistic flair.” Lovers of fantasy, SF, and metafiction are sure to be intrigued and delighted.

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