The Rafter

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By Kevin Cooley

A distraught police detective grief-stricken over the rape of his daughter investigates the suicide hanging of a family. Set in the 1970s, The Rafter is a psychological thriller that explores the omnipotent possibilities of the subconscious mind with a Shutter Island twist.
After viewing the 8mm film that captures the quadruple suicide, Detective Web Nelson’s family life spirals into ruin: his brutalized daughter Lee turns to drugs and prostitution, his alcoholic wife Ellen ups her drinking to fatal levels, and his already-troubled son Nathan becomes more withdrawn and belligerent. Despite this headlong descent into further tragedy, Web cannot shake his fascination for the house in which the suicides occurred and is actually delighted to hear that the house has claimed three new victims. As his own family disintegrates, Web makes the decision to move into the house that has haunted him for years. He quickly discovers that the former occupants were correct in their dying claims that the house was somehow responsible for goading them into suicide. He also becomes aware that the house is connected to his daughter’s attack.

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