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By C.S. Alexander

In 1910, Harry White’s father unexpectedly died, leaving him in charge of the crumbling family farm in Davidson county, N.C. and the care of his mother and eight siblings. He turned the farm into a tobacco plantation and soon thereafter launched the Castle Hayne cigarette brand. It became the preferred brand of smokers throughout North Carolina and eventually the entire country.
By the age of 36 (1928), Harry had unprecedented money and power unlike anyone had ever seen in the history of the United States. He brokered deals with influential politicians including three presidents and forged an alliance with a powerful organized crime family once the era of Prohibition began. Harry was also smart enough to see the need to create a division of his company that was dedicated to corporate espionage and to protect him from the ambitions of others who coveted what he had. This division, which would become a model for the C.I.A. would use whatever tactics, including murder to keep Harry safe and the company protected.
The story exposes the events that took place in New York City during 1928 as Harry White becomes the target of several high profile people and organizations. Two organized crime families, the Scarlucci’s and Binero’s want to see White dead. Vice President Charles Dawes, under the influence of bribery has taken task to see White indicted on conspiracy charges. The worst of his enemies is Jack Capps, a wannabe rival businessman who will stop at nothing to see White destroyed.
What makes this story so compelling is the people who were involved. Theresa “Lovely” Simona, the first “made” woman in the history of New York City organized crime; Z, the psychotic murderer employed by White’s secret corporate espionage division; Maggie Bates, the socialite turned spy for the Scarlucci family. These are just a few of the people you will read about that will have you wondering why you have not heard about this story before.

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goodlife guide

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