The Island of Wanted Submission

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By Jeffrey Weber

The ruler was known as the “Shymaster”. He lurked around in the shadows but was always around. Letty and Prissy are the first ladies introduced to you to come to the island. They are a stunning red-headed mother and daughter who appealed to the Shymaster in his pursuits. The Shymaster was about was about to bring his and their dreams to reality.
The Shymaster reached into the depths of his mind for women to populate his island. One mother and daughter that came immediately to the mind of the Shymaster were Sandy and Lindsey. These were two beautiful blonds and the Shymaster knew mother and daughter would be more than just good friends with a little training. The Shymaster and his competent staff would ensure that these ladies learned the depths of their relationship to each other and the pleasure they were capable of giving each other.
Another combination that came to mind was Songhai and Mete. One was a lovely Korean lady who loved to wear miniskirts and would casually bend down on the floor revealing her beautiful red panties. Daughter Mete was a lovely blend of Korean and Caucasian, small, petite with smallish breasts and a lovely body and very obedient.
The Shymaster knew of other ladies who would benefit from a time on the island. These included Lakisha and Laura, a lovely black mother and daughter – Lakisha was an attractive middle-aged woman and she and her lovely daughter had been featured in an ad and in many TV commercials. And there were other mothers and daughters too.
The Shymaster has told you enough to entice you to venture to his island. Turn the pages and begin your trip to the island as will these many women. They will never be the same after reaching the island.

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