Rise Up! Be the Man that God Seeks

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By Gary Grooms

In the Book of James we are told that our lives are like a “mist” that appears and then vanishes in a short time. Before it is too late, it is time for men to lead, not as tyrants, dictators, or abusers (physically or mentally), but by being partners with our wives and bringing up our children to understand the God of the Bible.

The foundation for being a Godly man is found throughout the Bible. Men are to be the emotional and spiritual providers to their families. We are called to be the shepherds to our families in having the character and the heart of Christ. What men need to do is exactly what Jesus Christ did for the church, and that is to lay down our lives for our wives and our family. Unfortunately, instead of the man leading in this manner, it has fallen onto the female. If it were not for the sacrifices of the females in the churches today, this country would be like Europe where church attendance averages around 3% to 5%. Men have taken a back seat, and that is why families are at risk. Prostitution, pornography, the sex-slave market, physical and mental abuse of our women and children, liberalization of God’s message, alcohol and drug abuse, the decline of morals and values with our politicians and public schools have all increased because men will not accept their role as God intended. We welcome and acknowledge God when the blessings are good. We love His mercy, but we have in essence have told God to “go home.” We don’t need You when it comes to our way of life. Do not interfere with our desires because we are “evolving,” becoming more “tolerant,” more “inclusive” to the world around us. We do not want to be singled out as being bigots, racists, or ignorant when we expose Your truth to those around us. We still desire Your blessing and mercy, but please leave us alone until we need You.

Our society is on the decline; and unless men recognize their role in leading through God’s truth, we should not be surprised as our values, morals, and religious beliefs disappear. We are facing the challenge to stand up for God’s morals and values and not compromise with secular world views. We are told in the Bible to not conform to this world but be transformed by our beliefs and faith through Christ. Where is our gratitude, our standing in awe of God and recognizing His mercy on us, when we love the world more than Him? How can we understand the will of God when we will not read His word and develop a true relationship towards our Heavenly Father? Our children will be challenged with their Christian values while the world embraces Secular Humanism, Marxism, New Age, and Postmodernism. This nation has been extremely blessed by God, but we should acknowledge that God will not allow this nation to prosper without His wrath coming upon us. This is a battle we are losing because we are not in the game to win it. Unless we are willing to totally surrender to Him, ask for His mercy, and pray for His forgiveness, we will witness the severe effects on our families, our churches, and our country when He departs from us. God punished His own chosen people for their lack of faith and choosing idols to worship. How long will a Holy God stand complacent and allow our nation to go unpunished? We need only to go back and read what God did and will do when a nation no longer calls on His name. I pray that we wake up before it is too late.

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