The Dream

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By Myrna Mutton Morrison

She woke, sitting straight up in bed, a scream caught in her throat, it was the dream.
Suddenly and without warning Gail found herself standing, in front of an old, stone mansion in moon light, bright as day. The old house beckoned to her and obeying the summons, climbing, the steps Gail entered a small foyer. Ghost, like Gail would wander through the gloomy, rooms of the old house.
In the front entrance once again, stairs to the second floor called out to her. It was here, where she felt the first twinges of fear closing in on her. She hesitantly climbed the carpeted treads that made no sound under her feet. A long, dark hallway faced her and a sinister chill filled the air. A door swung open, spilling bright light into the corridor. Horror overcame her senses and she screamed. This was where she always woke.
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