Rude Awakening, Book Three

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By Myrna Mutton Morrison

Amy, the children’s nurse maid is out picking mushrooms for Milda, when she is accosted by Ned and his recently recruited gang of thieves. They abduct Amy and head for the forbbiden zone, a desolate place, where no one has dared to go before. Noah , Laken and a troop of thirty seasoned man at arms follow.
Noah raised his arm and gave the signal to proceed and they left the verdant green land for the arid expanse facing them. A few miles out into the wasteland the heat was overwhelming. Laken was thankful for the light clothing she wore, for without it Laken knew she would soon perish. Noah had planned for the climate and the troop was attired in a similar fashion. Laken hoped they reached Amy, before Ned ground her under his heel.
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