The Crest: Mentor Chronicles, Book 1

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By Steve Gerali

When four college friends return to Mason University to begin their sophomore year, they never expected that they would risk their lives in a rite of passage that would transform them from ordinary teenage guys into extraordinary men of integrity.

Their adventure begins when they become part of a selective mentor group. They are told that this venture would demand much and may cost them their lives. After an intense conversation late one evening, the four sophomores find themselves in a mysterious land called Salamgard.

There they find King Elyon, who promises to make them great men. Elyon appoints his four most powerful Knights to mentor a character of love, goodness, wisdom and freedom in each protege. Each receives a mark that denotes the strength of his character and a weapon, which unleashes supernatural power, only when the user’s heart is bound in unity with his brother’s.

Their venture takes a dark turn when the evil Lord Ubilaz discovers the presence and mission of the four young men. He recognizes that the combined force of these four, as Ambassador-Knights of Salamgard will destroy his plans to establish his own kingdom, Eikondor. Ubilaz orders his forces to destroy young proteges and anyone who assists them.

This takes the band of brothers on a life-or-death chase through Salamgard. They learn to place their trust in their King, as their character is tried and they face their greatest fears. Before their venture ends, they will come to know that the warning, “this may cost you your life”, would come true for one of them.

This award winning book is being hailed as a classic. Richly woven with strong ethical, moral and theological underpinnings, The Crest will captivate the heart and soul of anyone who desires to live a powerfully virtuous life.

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