Million $ Class

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By Jim Pointguard

In the novel, Jim Pointguard’s sixth period class is small, but between the obnoxiously loud (and unforgettable) Kee-Kee and the sleeping giant Earvin, he struggles to keep control.

Eventually, the sleeping giant erupts, and in the aftermath, Jim decides he has to do something different to reach his students. Because some of the students had expressed an interest in money, Jim decides to try a lesson about money. For a few days, the students sell lemonade, but when they go to divvy up their earnings, there is a twist.

The students hate the twist, but love the lesson, which leads to a second lesson, and then a third. Before long, the students set their sights on a huge goal: to earn a million dollars as a class by graduation.

Along the way, the students learn invaluable lessons about money and success, borrowing from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “The Magic of Thinking Big,” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” In fact, not only do the students read these books and others, they apply the lessons they are learning, enabling the reader to see their growth.

Although set in a low-performing high-school, the book is not just a book for teenagers. The book is perfect for anyone, teenager or adult, who desires more success, more wealth, and more influence.

As for teachers and administrators, they will probably not want students, or their parents, to read this book because it exposes the failure of the current top-down, cookie-cutter education which focuses not on the student, but on “the test.” Then again, it might remind them why they became teachers in the first place…to help prepare students for life after school.

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