Successful Container Gardening

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By Douglas Green

If you’re looking to create that magical magazine-perfect hanging basket or container, award winning garden author Doug Green shows you exactly how in this ebook. Everything you need to know to create and maintain a plant masterpiece is in this ebook. Green has been designing and growing containers for over 30 years; first for fashionable customers in his nursery and now for his own gardens where he grows and trials a great many plants every year.

If you’re looking for design tips, he tells you the secrets to creating those amazing baskets you see in magazines that you can do yourself. The ebook also explains the things you need to do and more importantly how to get the most important things right in both the design and maintenance of the container so it will look good all summer long. Green not only tells you what to do, he tells you how to do it and what not to do to ensure your baskets and pots are lovely.

And when you can’t decide what to plant, his simple advice on the kinds of plants for containers will both give you new ideas as well as tell you the basics you need to understand for success in each kind of planting. From annuals to perennials to vegetables, this book gives you the information you need to create and maintain stunning beauty in your garden.

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