Stories from the Heart

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By RJ Funston

What if your destiny is dream based? Your dreams become portholes, doorways to the past, present, and future. The entrance point is used to guide you to your soul mate. Each dream explicates and your body is able to react to the touch of the one you seek. Your senses are heightened as your bodies draw close and you feel the wetness of a kiss, a touch, and the beauty of love.

Their journey:

Northern Europe; 1025 AD
The journey begins in a time of Kings and Queens, of Knighthood, honor and chivalry, where life can end without notice with the swipe of a sword. Sara and King Robert’s beginning journey is a gravitational pull of two hearts and dreams of their future together. Their meeting sealing a fate neither quite understood at first but soon realized their love far exceeded just a chance meeting, for it was something far deeper.

England, 1666 AD
You wake—600 years in the future, your childhood devastated with the turmoil surrounding your world. 666, the sign of the devil himself, the evil so many fear in times when people were burned or tortured with the accusation of witchcraft. Elizabeth’s life is filled with dreams, dreams guided by Jake, her soul mate, the one she is destined to be with, but not during this journey. Elizabeth learns early on she must face a journey alone, and the time has come.

Gold Bar Washington; 1847 AD
800 years of dreams and the journey continues; John Marshall’s dreams are now a mirage of life, one he wishes to live; the woman he loves fading into the night, her memories distant as morning breaks. Marshall’s dreams are vivid; he can smell the fragrant of her hair, the softness of her skin next to his, her warmth that surrounds his manhood as their bodies become one.
The striking snake was a flash, but instantly Marshall felt the fangs embedded deep within his forearm, the deadly poison seeping into his blood, the pain first intense, but with his level of consciousness sinking the pain faded and his world starts to darken.

Tucson Arizona; 1874 AD
Their journey has lasted over 800 years, but still they have much to learn. Life is a saga, a continuing story of how we endure and overcome each chapter and we hold the knowledge that one day the trivial aspects we now face will end. We decide whether our journey is complete, the love we seek is now our soul mate, or if the story is incomplete, our lives destined for a sequel, one with a favorable outcome.
Two lives, two dreams, their world colliding once again, the heat rising, the stage set with a fate we all hope to foresee. Their lives were two opposites, one the healer of life, sworn to save those that she could, the other a taker of life, a soldier. Could two negatives become a positive, two hearts joined as one as their timeless journey continues.

Libby Montana; 1920 AD
What happens if an unforeseen event separates you and your soul mate? Each of you feels devastation and your hearts are filled with sorrow instead of love knowing there’s a possibility of no reunification. There is no healing process, just the feeling of loss. The person you love gone from your life.

Everett Washington; 1970 AD
Nine hundred years into their journey and a fluke accident brings the soul mates together. Josh lay in a drug induced coma and fighting for his life and Heather, his nurse, a person dedicated to saving lives.
When Heather arrives at work and sees Josh, there was far more then saving his life that causes her to focus her attention on Josh.

Colorado Springs, Colorado; 2005 AD
Jennifer and Troy are unaware of their millennium that quickly approaches, just two strangers traveling by train through the Great Rocky Mountains. A hint of recognition sparks conversation that leads too many dream-based tails and together they decipher their dreams and the past lives they shared. Together they learn of their journey, one filled with love, passion, honor, and then death.

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