Space to See Reality: A New Model for Professional Coaches

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By Carole Griggs, Phd

The idea that there is a “self”—separate and special and in charge of running “my” life—is purely an innocent mistake. It is simply a misunderstanding that there is some entity called “me” that exists. It is simply not true. As in, not true at all. This fundamental misunderstanding is the bedrock of all human turmoil and suffering. Through investigation, it appears that most current coaching literature is founded on this false premise. Most current coaching literature attempts to “make a better me” in some manner, which often just perpetuates stuckness and struggle. Why continue the to rearrange that which is unreal? Your freedom depends on it.
A fundamental shift in identification, from the conceptual, mind-generated “personal self,” to the ground of being, has the capacity to expand transformative possibilities of the coaching client as well as the field of coaching. Shifting from the popular self-development movement, to a foundation in the timeless dimension of being and seeing, offers a deeply transformative way in which coaching can take place. Although this model is not something that can be “learned” over a given period of time like a typical skill-set, it can serve as a foundation to provide a springboard in which to ignite an interest in further discovery. Empty of self. Full of reality.

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goodlife guide

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