Artisan Bread Swiss Style

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By Felix Aidoo, Sr.

It is an eBook that teaches bakers to know how to handle basic Bakery and home base machines as well as the cautions. It goes on to enlighten the baker about the awareness of bakers’ illness and how to prevent them. It talks about the common ingredients as water, flour, salt and yeast. The eBook takes the reader to the dough kneading, how to mold the dough, the techniques of knowing when the dough is ready to be cut and when the dough is ready to be pushed into the oven till the bread is ready. It goes on to explain the baker step-by-step, what is Swiss Artisan Bread and the real recipe to start with. There are also some common recipes for the Swiss Artisan bread.

Felix first started working in the kitchen as a Kitchen Assistant in the local Restaurants and from there on he decided to travel the world to learn other cultures. After putting things together, he left for South America. First to United Kingdom, Caracas, San Paulo and then finally in La Paz, Bolivia. While in Bolivia, Felix had the chance to learn about other foods in countries far away. However, due to the language barrier at that time Felix had to work in a Resort in the sports section. However, from time to time he was asked to help out in the Kitchen. Felix lived and worked in Bolivia for almost a decade. He then came back to Switzerland where he started working again in the local Restaurants.
As time went by, Felix had the curiosity to know how bread was made. Then one day he decided to visit one of the local bakeries and since then, he began to have a real passion to work in the bakery. Bread has always been what he has really a passion for. Felix worked and also studied in college on how to make bread. After studying, he went straight into work as a full baker.

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