Shpadoinkle: The Making of Cannibal

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By Jason McHugh

This “Making of” book takes the reader on a journey with producer, Jason McHugh, who embarks on a quest to create the soon to be cult movie; Cannibal! The Musical with his college buddies Trey Parker, Matt Stone and a first class crew of CU Boulder film geeks.

The tales and lessons don’t end with the film’s completion as McHugh lays out steps taken to get press, crash the film festival scene, find representation, land a TV Pilot and eventually get distribution. The buck does not stop as the reader gets front row seats to see a theatrical “Four Wall” campaign attempted and the journey involved in taking the film property to live stages around the globe.

This anecdotal adventure offers stories and advice for the up and coming creative doer, as well as, the need to know it all fan, who just wants to hear some bloody old stories from back in the days before South Park eventually blew up Hollywood.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at

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