Office Chronicles

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By Jan Foxstone

Office Chronicles is a collection of erotic stories on sex life, office sex, affairs, office romance and office life relating to sexual tensión between men and women in the work place.

Hospital Quickie is an erotic tale of lust and love. After a night of hot sex between Drew Bentley and Monty Belford, Belford, Drew is left devastated when Monty, the love of her life, suddenly disappears leaving no contact information. She didn’t realize until after Monty left that he was the only man that could sexual please her the way that she needed to be pleased. To replace his love, Drew’s diva attitude towards men was to fuck them and toss them aside. Her sex life became a game to bed men and leave them the same way men treated women.

On one faithful day when things were falling apart in her office; her sex life also in a tailspin, Drew receives a phone call from the county hospital. Monty had been in a serious car accident. He requested her presence. She finds herself back in Monty’s life while she tries to help him recover from his accident. She finds herself at his bedside lingering for the taste of his dick and she takes him causing arousal of his penis while he was still in his hospital bed. Things heat up as her sex life takes a turn of sheer pleasure as she remembers what her sex life was with Monty.

This erotica tale, a story of office life and the sex life of a successful woman whose ssex life is coming together as she finds peace and love with the one man that she has longed desired.

Penis at Attention is an erotic tale of three women whose only goal is to fuck men and it does matter to them where. When everything else is falling apart around them, in the office and their personal lives, they find time to go to the local club to prowl for the Penis At Attention. The P.A.A. as these women would call it. They are known at the club and don’t have to stand in line to be carded. Even the bouncer at the door has had his share of pussy. These women have no inhibitions when it comes to sharing themselves; having sex with men.

The Principal’s Office – There is an instant attraction between Staci Howard, a teacher at PBR Hills High School and Principal Mack. The sensual tension rises as she lays out her plan to bring the school’s grades up. However, the secretary who is also interested in the Principal Mack sets out to derail any plans that Staci may have for the Principal Mack. There is nothing like taking on the Principal with a lick lock in the right places to turn up the heat.

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